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Melania Trump is arguably the most disengaged First Lady in modern American history. We rarely hear from her, and when we do, it’s for an anti-bully campaign—which is illogical considering her husband is the biggest bully in America. Also, when we see her, she’s in offensive clothing like the jacket that read “I really don’t care. Do U?” — which she wore on a visit to a detention facility for migrant children in Texas. Not to mention, her husband’s hook-ups are being plastered all over the news. The happiest she looked during her entire time as First Lady was when she was sitting next to Obama at a funeral for former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Nonetheless, no sympathy for Melania here. This is the same woman who upheld her husband’s racist belief that President Obama wasn’t born in this country.

That said, you know who is living her best and Blackest life? Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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On Sunday, Michelle Obama was at Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s concert in Paris. Looking gorgeous, she was seated next to Tina Knowles and was seen dancing to “Drunk in Love” and “On to the Next One.”

See the clips below:

Michelle has been a Bey fans for years.

Obama has previously gushed over Beyoncé. During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she said,  “She’s smart, she’s creative, she’s a great mother, she loves her family.” Exactly — and so are you, Mrs. Obama! She also added, “She’s just a low-key lady, so we have a lot in common in that way — except I can’t sing, I can’t dance.”


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