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As Trump is selling America out to Russia, other people—including Black folks—don’t mind selling themselves out to him. Trump’s leaked schedule for today (August 1) includes secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Ben Carson and “inner-city” pastors.

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Darren Sands from BuzzFeed wrote on Twitter, “Trump is meeting first with Ben Carson then ‘inner-city’ pastors per the WH schedule for Wednesday.” See below:

As we all know, Carson bows down to Trump at any cost, so this meeting will likely involve the HUD secretary confirming he is doing everything he can to dismantle fair housing. Carson has already said he will triple the rent for people in subsidized housing, which will reportedly only increase poverty and homelessness.

However, meeting with “inner-city” pastors is another stunt. How many pastors are there and do they even have names? Why slap the label “inner-city” on them? Then again, maybe it’s good the names weren’t on the memo because those pastors’ congregations may not like this meeting — unless they serve a congregation that has no issue with our racist president. Of course it could just be another get together with his sunken place court jesters Pastor Mark Burns and Pastor Darrell Scott.

Burns is the South Carolina pastor who was outed for falsifying his biography and was once on the president’s evangelical counsel. Oh, he also has blue contact lens. Scott is one of Trump’s loyalist supporters and was considering a run for Congress in the past.


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