EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Tiana Douglas Says Jess Hilarious Stealing Her Stand Up


Baltimore comedian Tiana Douglas is speaking out about another Baltimore comedian, Jess Hilarious, stealing her content. Press play up top to hear her side of the story in an exclusive interview with April Watts.

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#JustLookAtTheVideos #SwipeLeft When you see a bitch keep stealin ur shit and u look on YouTube and found some Dave chapelle shit they stole too but ppl keep sayin don’t say nothin cause it’s goin make u look bitter cause she got more followers! Shiiiiiid! Bitch Ain bitter! I’m pissed cause this ain’t the first video I seen of you stealin MY shit! Bitch I been doin this before u! My shit is dated on YouTube before you! Bitch we from the same city! We done worked together! You can’t come up with your own shit? Why u takin food from my kids mouth? As an artist U work so hard on this shit just for somebody to come and take it from u and make it theirs cause they have more followers! We all workin let me get a chance to show ppl my talent! It’s wrong and fawked up but y’all keep lettin ppl get away with this shit! Ima say somethin! I don’t give a FAWK how many followers I have or don’t have! Real recognize real and This some bullshit! say what u want but Ain no bitch! Far from it! But I don’t feel so so bad cause she done stole some Dave Chapelle shit too so I must be one of the “Greats”😂😂😂😏 #JustBeUBabe #ThisShitAintJustJokes #ThisHowWeMakeOurMoney #LetMeLive😘 Swipe Left for videos #JessHilarious #jesswiththemess #jessandchris Come on Yo! #DefComedyJam #hazele #roseburgandy #rickeysmiley #breakfastclub #charlamagnethagod #steveharvey @wendyshow #HotTopics #wendywilliams #thereal #Baltimore #KevinHart #StandUpComedy #FemaleComedians #davechapelle #lhhatl @azealiabanks #azealiabanks #HustleHart #TheseMyJokes #StopStealinShit

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