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Tyler Butler-Figueroa, 11, a fifth grader at Walnut Creek Elementary in Raleigh, left judges and his audience speechless after his June 11 audition on America’s Got Talent.

Simon Cowell hit the rare “Golden Buzzer” for the young violinist who wowed everyone including a video of his performance already has 18 million views on YouTube.

Figueroa shared being bullied as a kid because he had cancer at a young age.  Also before Butler-Figueroa’s rise to fame, though, his friends and family at home in Raleigh knew him as the boy who played his violin just about anywhere.

Butler-Figueroa said he took various gigs and performed in the street to raise money to go to Charlotte for the much-anticipated AGT audition. Using his street performing permit, he performs often on what he calls his “main block,” or Davie Street in front of the Red Hat building.

“I had a dream of being on it, but I never thought it would come a reality,” he said. “I just really like playing the violin.”

Butler-Figueroa and his mom, a single mother, worked together to raise the $2,000 to get him to the audition.



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