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Don’t overpack they say. Make sure you pack the essentials. Brings snacks and don’t forget your charger. Confused and overwhelmed as I gear up for labor and delivery, I’ve been Googling what exactly I need to pack in my hospital bag.

So here’s what I found out: you should begin packing your overnight bag around 30 weeks of pregnancy. (I’m nine months pregnant so I’m far behind). Ultimately, pack light and bring comfortable (but stylish) pajamas and something to come home in.

With so many links on the web, I took to Facebook to poll the everyday mothers on my timeline what they packed in the overnight bags and got honest answers about what’s a necessity and what’s not necessary.

For Baby

“Baby wipes”

“Boppy pillow for baby so you don’t have to keep reaching into the bassinet when you need to nurse the baby”

“They’ll have everything at the hospital, just a going home outfit and an extra one just incase + a blanket”


“Something comfortable that you want to change into”

“Loose pajamas and mainly everything comforting for yourself.”

“Pretty PJs (because you will be taking pics)”


“Toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, deodorant”

“Blistex, mints, bonnet/ scrunchie to keep your hair outta the way.”

A Surge Protector/ Phone Charger (Electronics)

“Because there aren’t a lot of outlets in hospitals and you’ll want to be able to charge your phone along with your partner and whoever else is in the room.”

“Bring head phones or a radio”

Nipple Care For Breastfeeding Pain

“If you’re planning to breastfeed make sure you that you pack lots of lanolin and put it on before and after each feeding – that nipple pain is real during those first days of latching and the lanolin was the only thing that soothed it!”

“A nursing bra and breast pads for leakage. If you’re not going to breast feed, those same two things plus something to bind your chest down like ace bandages. The nurses will help you wrap yourself correctly if you chose not to breastfeed.”

“If you’re breastfeeding you may want to bring a Boppy or a Brest Friend. And (tmi) but if you have short nipples you may want to order extra nipple shields to help baby latch.

“The breastfeeding pillow. It might be hard enough to get a good latch so u want to be comfortable you’ll be breastfeeding very frequently and your back is going to start getting uncomfortable or pain.”

Personal Hygiene Products

“Bring your own pads. Always makes a great one that is purple and does not leak. You will need it cause the ones in the hospital suck.”

“Just make sure to steal as many of the maternity panties as you can fit in the bag! Those things are amazing!”

“Makeup girl!”

“Bring something to wrap your tummy”

And there you have it. Check out the full thread, here.


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