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Italy Eases Some Lockdown Restrictions As Coronavirus Infection Rate Falls

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Now that certain states have opened up their borders and lifted restrictions on non-essential businesses, some folks are going out. But there’s still no cure for the virus and the number of infections are continuing to increase.

We know many of you are ready to get out of your house, but before you do we have created 7 safety steps you should consider, which will help you and your family stay safe once you decide to venture into a new COVID-19 world.

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1.Know your local testing options

Make sure you’re aware of your local testing options just in case you or your loved ones start to feel ill. This will ensure that if something were to go wrong while you are out, you are prepared.


2. Make sure you wash your hands before you go out and right after you get home.

Continue to wash your hands as instructed by the CDC. When you’re going out make sure you wash your hands before you go out and put your gloves on when needed.  Once you get home, make sure you and your loved ones (including the pet) wash their hands using the 20 second rule. This simple task can help flatten the curve. 


3. Make sure you have the proper sanitizers, mask and gloves with you.

There are many people who are asymptomatic to this virus. It is key that you continue to wear your mask, put on hand sanitizer, put on gloves and dispose of them properly every time your location changes. 


4. Count how many people are around you.

If you see more than 10 people at places that are non-essential, it’s not safe to be there. The less people you are around, the less chances you have contracting the virus and spreading it. 


5. Follow the CDC guidelines of social distancing and being 6 feet apart

For those who have gone back to engaging in their outside leisures, make sure you are 6 feet apart from others at all times if possible. Regardless if certain facilities are open, you still have to practice social distancing. Many national parks and trails are making it mandatory for you to be 6 feet apart from people. 


6. Do a temperature check on yourself when you go home

Soon as you arrive home from being out, please check your temperature. A temperature check can help with knowing the state of health for your body. Having a regulated temperature after going out indicates that you are taking proper precautions of flattening the curve. 


7. Remember to limit your outside time

Try to be outside as little as possible. When you’re outside make sure you’re tracking your time. Make your time useful. 


Words by: Kinyana Mccoy


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