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Source: The Belle Report / Sheilah Belle

Richmond, VA – February 8, 2021 — With so many ways to communicate through the ever growing World Wide Web, who would have thought there was room for one more!  Well there is and the latest to join the ranks is CLUBHOUSE.  Currently still in its developing stage, the CLUBHOUSE app is only available on the App Store for iphones and you need an invite to sign up, but it’s catching on quick. 

 Once you join, you are suddenly introduced to raw unfiltered spaces, that are hosted by new and established voices, leading conversations from around the world.  It sort of works like a phone conversations, with a lead speaker.  Others are also invited or allowed to speak, but you don’t have to worry about appearances. People will only see the picture you choose to represent you.  Everything from Gospel, R & B, Cyber Warfare, Bitcoin, Master Classes, Power Chats, Stocks, Coaching, Talent Mangers and so much more.  The list is truly endless.  But, you basically, find your voice, find your tribe and then you check in with them on their scheduled times.

 Those who have joined will agree, that the app is exciting and leans more towards the creative minds that links professionals and networks.  It also gives you an opportunity to speak with some of the brightest minds and voices around, suddenly accessible on a FREE platform.

 However, let me caution you in advance to the amount of time you could end up spending on this app.   Some of the conversations last from 1 to 12 hours.  YES, you read that correctly.  However you are given the option to quietly exit the rooms you enter, that are often overflowing with a wealth of priceless endless information.  However how much time you give and spend on CLUBHOUSE, is up to you.

 On just last week, Sheilah Belle, “The Belle”, CEO of The Belle Report, hosted her first Clubhouse.  Entitled: Good Gospel Vibes with Special Guests, her stellar list of guests included Max Siegel, Byron Cage, Earl Bynum, Meta Washington, Benita Bellamy Kelley, Neily Dickerson, Reggie Baker, Chris Byrd, Carlos Hales, Jerry Smith, Big Redd, Hasan James, Sidney Scott, Mike Chandler, Earnest Pugh, Arvetra Jones, Patrick Noble Allen and a long list of others.

 “The Clubhouse I held on last Wednesday, felt almost like an Artist Retreat, like Dr. Bobby Jones use to have back in the day in Las Vegas and Miami. We were all given the opportunity to share, drop a few gems and valuable nuggets of information, that you would normally pay to receive at a conference or a workshop,” says The Belle.  “I am truly looking forward to hosting my second Clubhouse this Wednesday, February 10th at 7:00p.m.”  All are invited.

 For additional information on Good Gospel Vibes, follow The Belle on Instagram @thebellereport