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When I first started blogging for my goal was to bring health and wellness awareness to the faith community. I feel myself and the rest of the Health and Wellness blogging staff are doing a great job educating the readers. I wish I could reach out to every one of you and take you through a workout myself. Obviously, I can’t do that but I think I have found the next best thing. There are so many programs out there and I feel that many of them work. I have never heard of a program that helps people of faith to take on weight loss by using the same feeling of empowerment and purpose you feel when at church………….until now. Today the majority of programs include the workout, meal plans, testimonials and the necessary equipment. The faith based program I was introduced to includes all of the above but it also starts every session with a word of prayer. How many other programs have a live choir inspiring you through your workout?

When anyone takes on a fitness program the majority of the challenge is mental. Working out and eating right aren’t really that difficult. The mind games we play with ourselves are what make it seem like the most difficult challenge ever. It’s amazing how whenever we have to deal with adversity the first thing we do is look to God for strength. Why does that suddenly change when it comes to our health? I think it is because we take our health for granted and won’t take action until it’s almost too late (human nature). What caught my eye about this program is the fact the instructor (Donna Richardson Joyner) teaches you to rely on God (like we always do) to get you through the program. She talks about how exercise can be a form of worship and increasing energy can help you to more effectively carry out your obligations to God. I feel every church should have Body Gospel as part of their program.

In my opinion this is the best way to get past that mental block we all experience when it comes to working out. Now is the time to combine spiritual focus with fitness focus. Those that choose to take on this challenge will not only change their lives but the lives of many others. I’ve seen lives changed so many times. I feel Body Gospel is capable of changing the lives of so many people in the faith community. I’ve included a video which sums up the program. Let me know what you think.

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