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Liberation Church

Source: Pastor Jay Patrick / Pastor Jay Patrick

Richmond, VA – June 13, 2021 — As the world starts to reopen its doors to communities that have been staying close to home, there are several churches that have also reopened its doors for Sunday Morning Worship, including Liberation Church.  Pastor Alexander “Jay” Patrick also known as Pastor Jay, serves as the senior pastor and the CEO of Liberation Veterans Services, Liberation Family Services and his wife Pastor Ashley Patrick, serves as the executive pastor and as the Women’s Ministry Director.

Liberation Church

Source: Pastor Jay Patrick / Pastor Jay and Pastor Ashley Patrick

It was back in April 2021 when Liberation Church front doors took on a new look after being gifted a new church and church campus.  Located at 5501 Midlothian Turnpike, where the ROC, renamed Celebration Church and Outreach Center, had operated independently since 2007, Pastor Jay and Pastor Ashley announced that thanks to the unprecedented generosity of Celebration’s Church Outreach and the Board of Directors, Liberation Church was gifted the church’s property debt-free, which is also valued at $15 million.   This includes a 135,000 sq. ft. sanctuary that seats 4,200, a bit larger that their former 18,000 sq. ft. church located just a few blocks east of their new location.

Their new facility also includes three full length basketball courts, a commercial workout facility, and a full service café/restaurant.  The church also offers free food from their food pantry to anyone who may need a little help. Pastor Patrick says, “Anyone who may need any assistance can stop by the church on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 2p.m. to 4p.m. and pick up a box of food, which is absolutely free.”  The church is currently feeding 400 families of four every week.

Additionally, Pastor Jay says, they were also gifted six vans, a box truck and an additional property.  That property houses women who are suffering from human trafficking and domestic violence and will continue to get the assistance they need under the Liberation Church umbrella.

“This gift does not just come with property, it comes with responsibilities,” said Pastor Patrick. “We have not just been tasked to take on assets. We’ve been tasked to fulfill a burden in this city. We’ve been tasked to take this act of kindness and disperse it throughout the city as an act of kindness.”

That act of kindness also extends to their newly obtained thrift store, which will remain in operation and provide clothing, furniture and other goods and services at extremely affordable prices to the public.

In taking a closer look at the community, Pastor Jay said, “This pandemic has created a perfect storm. Homelessness is up 53%, Hunger has doubled, Addiction has increased by 33% and our city is being ravaged from unemployment and poverty. So what better time to be properly positioned to exemplify the love of Christ through a world class one stop shop outreach center and ministry function.”

Pastor Jay said, “They are ready for the challenge,” and invites anyone who wants to help, to join them in this journey.

“We have a responsibility to make sure that no child, goes to bed without food to eat, that every woman who wants to get out of an abusive relationship has a place she can go and if someone is struggling with drug abuse and if they don’t know what to do, that there is a ministry that cares and never sleeps.”

In addition, Liberation is also making a huge difference in the lives of Veterans through its Liberation Veteran Services. ( To date, the church has permanently housed 507 veterans in the Greater Richmond area, while continuing to fight to totally eradicate veteran homelessness in this region.

Liberation Church, whose motto is “We love people, show kindness and serve change,” is truly evident.  Not only do you see their love and kindness throughout the week, but also on Saturday and Sunday’s.

Liberation Church

Source: Pastor Jay Patrick / Pastor Jay Patrick

After arriving onto the church campus, parishioners are greeted with a warm smiled, just behind their Liberation masks at the front door.   Off in the not so far distance, you can hear the Praise & Worship team singing uplifting tunes, while your temperature is being checked. If everything checks out okay, you are then welcomed into the main church sanctuary, where you can sit in one of their socially distance seats or you can ask for a chair or several chairs to be brought over to you in the area where you would prefer to sit. 

Liberation Church

Source: Pastor Jay Patrick / Pastor Jay Patrick

The Sunday morning worship starts promptly at 10am with Praise and Worship, a 30 minute sermon from Pastor Jay Patrick, depending on which way the spirit may move, followed by prayer for anyone who may need it, an invitation to join the church and wrapping up around 11: 30am. Often times after services, special little gifts, are handed out from note pads to donuts, it just depends on the church flow for the day, which is always a pleasant surprise.

 Since opening their new church doors, Liberation has also been holding Bible Study every Thursday at 6:30pm in person, Saturday 6pm services and Sunday 10am services.

 For many, simply being able to worship again at church on Sunday mornings, has allowed that feeling of normalcy to return, by starting the week in a House of Worship and giving reverence to the day.  “Being able to see a few more familiar faces, while also meeting new people, while also hearing a powerful word from Pastor Patrick, simply feels good,” said one young lady after service.

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