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Kevin Rawls

A 2015 clip from Omarion has resurfaced.

The clip has now turned into the ‘Omarion Challenge’. The “Omarion Challenge,” started when an old clip of him recently resurfaced doing a military, syncopated, which some consider inspired by a Michael Jackson-like move on stage.

Kirk Franklin took the challenge to church-literally. The original clip of Omarion was from his 2015 performance at Verizon’s “Now Playing” music tour . And as always, you never know what dance it next to become the new trend or challenge. TikTok users suddenly took interest on mocking the original moves!

Then it became a “challenge” and just took off, with a bunch of celebs joining in the fun.

Kirk Franklin performed the challenge with a full choir.

Omarion posted the clip of Kirk on his page and captioned it, Lova ya man. Perfect Sunday moves.



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