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Nashville, TN – January 31, 2022 – As the Music Director of BET’S Bobby Jones Gospel television show, Derrick Lee has touched the lives of many in the Gospel Community, and the world!  However, even while working and on the road, Derrick has been on dialysis for many years. In the spring of 2021 he underwent heart procedures, chemotherapy for lung cancer, and most recently, circulation problems with his leg. He has been hospitalized since the week after Christmas.

Now with mounting expenses and the inability to work due to the pandemic, Derrick’s ill health, and mounting medical expenses, financial help is direly needed, and would be greatly appreciated. We are all just one catastrophic illness away from the loss of livelihood, or home, of life itself. If Derrick has been a blessing to you or your Ministry, please consider sowing a seed to help.

We solicit your prayers for his complete healing, and your financial support in this time of great need.

A personal note from Dr. Bobby Jones

For over forty years I had the pleasure of working with the great Mr. Derrick Lee. Not only was he the music director of BET’s. Bobby Jones Gospel, the number one show on that network for thirty-five years, he was the songwriter and producer of my ten Gospel albums and recordings of many other well-known artists. He is my travel confidant and a very good friend. He has shared his musical works with artists worldwide.

I am writing this letter because Derrick has been overcome with several health issues and he needs our support. So, I am making this appeal to those who appreciate and were blessed by his musical presentations. Please, make a donation to help him overcome his many medical expenses. His team and I are devoted to supporting him through these troubling challenges. Please make a donation to a gofund that has been set up for him @  You may participate by simply clicking on the attached link.  Every little bit helps.

Sincerely, Dr. Bobby Jones Bobby Jones Gospel (B Jones Presents).