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Can you believe it’s been 12 years since James Fortune has performed on the Stellar Awards stage? The singer joined Erica Campbell and GRIFF at the City Winery in Atlanta, Georga to kick off Stellar Awards Weekend. Fortune talks about joining forces with Pastor Mike Jr. at Rock City Church in Birmingham, Alabama, his Number 1 single “Never Let Me Down” and gave us a word: ‘God Will Hide You So You Don’t End Up in The Wrong Hands’




ERICA: Listen, you are the Creative Pastor for Rock City Church in Birmingham, Alabama, where Pastor Mike Jr. is the Senior Pastor How is that having to a really huge artists in one church.

JAMES FORTUNE: It’s amazing. It’s been incredible man. Pastor Mike Jr. has been such a blessing in my life spiritually. Also, you know, me helping him as far as getting into the music industry. Something he’s wanting to do for a while. He’s just incredible. He’s amazing Rock City Church is everywhere. They’re amazing as well. So it’s been a blessing for Me

ERICA: I love it. I love it. It’s still a weekend and you are performing. What What can we look forward to from your performance?

FORTUNE: It’s gonna be amazing. I’m so excited. It’s my first time on the live Stellar Award stage in 10 years, since 2012, so all that 10 years is bottled up and it’s coming out. So I’m excited.

ERICA: Talking earlier with David and Tamela Mann and talking about how we all get the same no’s and people don’t realize that as far as they see you they hear your music every day. So they think Oh, it’s nothing but yes, yes, yes. But how did you process the no’s that you face in your career?

FORTUNE: It’s important to realize for everyone you know that visibility doesn’t always equate to value. A lot of people feel like if you’re not visible if you’re not on certain platforms, then your gift is not valuable. And a lot of people feel like it’s not even validated until it’s visible. But when you realize you’re anointed without the platform when you realize that your call without the stages. You can continue to do what God has called you to do. See a lot of times we think when our gift is special we should be highlighted but many times when you’re special God will hide you so you don’t end up in the wrong hands. I think that’s what we see what Moses, when Moses mother so I understand even in the no’s sometimes God who I trust I don’t just trust God I trust His timing. Yeah, and I understand that he knows what I can handle and he loves me too much to give me too much so I just I just thank God for the yeses and the no’s.





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