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Did you know there are health reasons to cry? People associate crying with sadness and happiness but there are benefits to letting the tears flow. Dr. Sabrina Jackson gives Erica and GRIFF some reasons on why in today’s Healthy Ever After.






Dr. SABRINA: Good Morning, I love y’all too. And we’re talking about crying today. So you know, we absolutely need to cry the benefits to both our body and our mind when we cry. I don’t even know if you know this GRIFF, but there’s three different reasons why we tear up.

The first that is clears smoke or dust and things from our eye. Any debris that may be in eye. The second is it protects us against infection, or getting infections in our eye. And then that third one is emotional tears and emotional tears can be positive and negative. Because I don’t know about you, but when I laugh real hard, Oh my god, a cry coming as well. But today, let me tell you the benefit to crying and I haven’t asked him you know, how do I always have an acronym. And today we’re gonna spring into a better us. And the us is to sleep is enhanced. Our sleep is enhanced when we cry. Just to know you absolutely need sleep. Sleep is one of the four basic things we need every single day to eat and rest, and sleep and rest are different. But you absolutely need to get to sleep every day.

The P is pain is relieved. Did you know that when you clap, it helps you to relieve pain. I know when I’m in pain, I absolutely want to cry. So it helps to relieve our pain when we’re crying. The R is that releases toxins. Toxins that’s built up in our bodies come out through our tears. So for those of us that are trying to hold it all in you better let it flow and let it go. Then the I is improve your mood. And over in Psalms it tells us if we saw when tears Oh yes, we will reap . It helps in our mood. And then that N, it neutralized our stress, So many things are stressing us out today. So get that clutter out, get it done on purpose, and it helps to neutralize that stress that to have and then that last one, that G is that it gets support from others. And so sometimes when you see somebody crying you want to go and see what’s wrong and help them. Specifically, Christ and the word and Psalm 34:15 says the eyes of the Lord turn toward the righteous. Oh and the eyes for their tears. And so when Christ sees us crying, he leans into us so stop thinking that is just something that’s negative is absolutely a benefit when we cry.




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