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"BET Her: Fights Breast Cancer"

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“This song came from finite beings not having the verbiage or vocabulary to accurately describe an infinite and extraordinary being. What else could you call a move of God? He leaves us completely floored most times. He’ll tell you to go where no one else can or will. He’ll tell you to say something that may seem out of order, or do something that nobody, including you, will understand at the time. All for his intended purpose and design, and it always works out for the good of them who love God and are called according to His purpose. That’s CRAZY! He asks for your complete and utter devotion and commitment, and that in itself is deemed CRAZY by the world, but for believers it’s just our normal. It’s actually our necessity and the truth is that anybody who experiences what it is to be in relationship with Christ would rather be looked at as CRAZY for living for the King, than be outside of the Kingdom.”     — The Walls Group


Stellar Award-winning and Grammy-nominated siblings, The Walls Group, are this generation’s most culturally relevant gospel crew. Members Darrel, Rhea, Alic and Ahjah have been making a major impact in the music industry for over a decade and are still discovering new and bold ways to use their voices.

Ministry is the heart of The Walls Group and singing is the vessel in which to tell of the good news. Having worked with PJ Morton, Brandy, Frank Ocean, Kirk Franklin, Jonathan McReynolds & more they’ve proven that their youthful and powerful voices stand toe to toe with some of the leading artists across genres today.

It’s said that “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” and that was not missed on this Houston based family. Their family is big (the group represents four out of 8 children to Roger & Alicia Walls), their sound is big and their individual personalities are even bigger. Outside of music, The Walls are maximizing their talents through hosting, content creation and ministering. “We’re just ordinary people, aspiring to do extraordinary things.”