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Judge Joe Brown on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show on ABC - Photo by Jesse Grant/ at the El Capitan Entertainment Center in Hollywood, California (Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage)

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My good people, I don’t mean to blow your minds—but it does not appear that Judge Joe Brown likes or respects women.

Maybe we should have noticed this at some point during the 15 seasons he played Black male Judge Judy before his show got canceled and we were no longer able to watch him treat female defendants like every last one of them ran over his pitbull while backing out of their driveways because women just can’t drive like men do. Or maybe we should have peeped it when he told King Hotep of Hoteptopia Dr. Umar Johnson, that he thought the idea of putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 dollar bill was part of a feminist agenda to keep Black men off U.S. currency.

Nah, seriously, let’s take time out to remember exactly what he said about that.

“The objective is these feminists are trying to do this movie so they can get a Black woman put on a $20 bill,” Brown said, in reference to the 2019 film Harriet.

“This movie is to soften the public up to the idea of taking a Black woman who freed slaves by leading them to freedom and getting her or another one like her on a $20 bill,” Brown went on to say. “They can’t get a White woman, so they want a Black woman. They don’t care, they just want a woman, and it downs masculinity. The status of an ethnic group is determined by its men, not its women. And putting a Black woman on there before a Black man is insulting to the Black race because you’re saying the men ain’t worth a damn, you put a woman up there first.”

Imagine thinking that commemorating a Black historical figure with the status of Harriet MF Tubman is a ploy against Black masculinity and an attempt at weakening Black people’s “ethnic group.” Brown probably also wishes Rosa Parks would have stopped emasculating Black men by taking herself to the back of the bus like she was told and letting a real righteous brotha get arrested for the cause instead.

If Brown got pulled over by a female cop, you might hear him say, “Here’s my license, registration and a few coupons for vacuum cleaners and pot and pan sets so you can take yourself back to the kitchen where you belong.”

Anyway, Judge Joe Brown is running for mayor in Memphis, Tennessee.

Brown thinks he’s the man for the job. Brown also thinks only men can possibly be the person for the job. And his reasoning, well, I’ll just let you hear it for yourself.

Brown was asked a simple question: “Why do you think your leadership is needed at a time like this as a Black man instead of a Black woman?”

I feel like the woman who asked him this was expecting the good judge to respond with a typical misogynoir-laced answer. Something like: “If these Black women can’t take care of all their babies and their baby daddies and their baby daddies’ daddies, then how can they take care of Memphis?”

Instead, his answer ended up being arguably much worse than that.

“Sorry, but some things men do real well and one of the main problems is…I don’t want to get crude about it, but some places you need to go to exercise leadership, some of the good ladies in here would get drug into an abandoned apartment and raped. That’s one of the problems.”


First of all, it’s funny how that was not even an answer to the question he was asked. He didn’t give any reasoning as to why a Black man would be more qualified than a Black womanhe just hit the people with the Law & Order SVU episode that has been floating around in his weird headcanon where a female mayor, who, for whatever reason, had zero security present, ended up being a victim of rape while performing her mayoral duties.

I mean, this man is essentially arguing that no woman should ever be elected into office because men might rape them.

But certainly, he finds comfort in the feminist “agenda” against sexual assault and rape, right?

Here’s what Brown said to Marc Lamont Hill about Bill Cosby‘s dozens of accusers.

“What about these women being accountable for their own behavior? They were groupies. You know ‘sex, drugs, rock & roll,’ ‘sex, drugs, rap,’ ‘sex, drugs, baseball … football … basketball …  movies … television!’” Brown said. “We forgot what that term meant: sex. drugs rock & roll. The b****** come to the parties. They hang out. They get drunk. They snort lines of blow, and they have a good time. They use the hallway closets to give head … the bathrooms to get down and you go in to get your coat off of the bed and they’re lying on top of it doing somebody.”

And here’s what Judge Joe Brown told Umar regarding feminists.

“I don’t give a goddamn about feminists. They can go straight to hell,” he said. “And I know they hate themselves ’cause they got two X chromosomes instead of an XY. They are fraudulent, self-hating and they’re sick.”

I mean—or maybe you just hate women, sir. And maybe that’s the reason you have no business being anybody’s mayor. 


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