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The holiday season can be enjoyable but it can also be stressful. No one wants to pack on the pounds from all of the food that will be prepared between Thanksgiving and New Year’s with Christmas in between. Trainer Dawn Strozier joins the Get Up Church. A motivational speaker and author, Strozier gives us tips on how to stay fit and manage stress during the holidays.


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TJ: As we get ready to celebrate the holidays, can you give us some tips on how to enjoy your holiday meals and treats, and parties without gaining a whole bunch of weight?

Dawn: Okay, I have three ideas for you. So the first key to staying fit throughout the holidays is to make sure your workout is a priority. You have to train to set your time and plan your routine. And number two, find a partner. Partner up because a partner will hold you accountable to getting to the gym during these times. And as relates to your diet. Cut your carbohydrates. If you start cutting back on your carbs or pasta, beans, rice, potatoes, bread and you start cutting back on those things now, you’ll have more time to enjoy what you love during the harvest season.

MAJOR.: The holiday season can be stressful for many can stress affect our weight? Can you give us a few tips on how to manage stress?

Dawn: Okay, yes, stress can really affect your weight loss because stress promotes body fat and makes it hard for you to lose weight ladies express in the midsection because it produces a hormone called cortisol. But if you exercise every day, like make it a priority. During the season your your produce more of a happy drug, the endorphin hormone, and that’s going to actually set the tone for your day. If you can exercise in the morning, it’s going to set the tone for your day and help you go into the day with less stress. And number two ladies, come on. Simply delegate just delegate most of us to get stressed out because we’re trying to do everything on our own. And when it comes to the Christmas holidays, set a budget, set a budget, and stick to it.

TJ: Give us some tips on the amount of water we should be drinking and how much sleep we need to have every day

DAWN:  Your body actually tells you how much you need. I need a gallon a half because I work out so much to just pay attention to your body. It’s real simple. And we made an average adult the need about average adult needs about seven to eight hours. And kids need a little bit more to help with their growth and development. But we should at least get seven hours of sleep which I need to try to do.


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