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Source: The Belle Report / The Belle Report


If you hurt someone, manipulated situations that affected their name, caused confusion that altered people’s opinion about an individual, lied on them or to them, created a controlling environment, used their personal information for you gain, planted negative seeds about someone, caused division within your own family, violated someone, stressed someone out to the point it affected them mentally, denied helping or stepping in to assist when you could have, ignored the pain that you caused, and suddenly you want to make peace, without an apology or even acknowledging the wrong you put in place…. REWIND!

Sincerely Apologize and NOT just because you feel bad, BUT think about the lingering damage and problems you caused the other person. May God help us all to do better, love better and represent the kingdom better in all that we do, from standing center stage, activities in the backroom or what you may do, when you think no one is watching. While God may know your heart…. the people you hurt are not God.