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Nadira Chase

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March is Women’s History Month and Radio One Richmond would like to pay homage to the 804 women who are making, and shaking history through their business ventures. We are proud to present 804 Women Making History.

Nadira Chase, the owner of the natural skin and hair brand Adiva Naturals handcrafts each product using her formulas that have been well-researched and well-loved for over 30 years. When she was 10, she was diagnosed with the autoimmune skin disorder, Psoriasis. As a teenager, she was determined to go on a mission to find ingredients to heal herself.

She discovered healing herbs, plants, and roots that changed her life forever. She realized that everything we need comes from nature. Over time, she became an avid researcher of healthy skin and hair care. In college, she started mixing herbal solutions as a hobby for her family and friends. In 2002, she opened a restaurant where I continued to make decadent hair care products and succulent skincare solutions for restaurant clientele. Out of a passion for helping people- Adiva Naturals was born.

She started her business, she started it to help herself and her loved ones. Therefore, new customers join they really become the family. So, there is no way to “un-belong.” Every batch of product that leaves the store is made with an abundance of love and creative energy.

Take a healthy journey with the Adiva Naturals Family and let them show you how to upgrade your skin and hair care regimen- They will show you how to GLOW different!

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