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RICHMOND – Shhhhh….

That is the warning Richmond City Council delivered to loud Richmonders Monday night at City Hall.

City Council approved changes to the city’s noise ordinance.

The old ordinance outlawed certain noises at certain times that were deemed “unreasonably loud.” But a recent Virginia Supreme Court ruling found the term “unreasonably loud” too vague to be enforced.

Thus council approved the following changes:

Between 7am and 11pm you can’t play music, TV, etc. inside your home so loudly that it can be heard outside your home or 50 feet away from the device (stereo, computer, TV, etc.)

* Between 11pm and 7am sound from such equipment (stereo, TV, etc.) can only be loud enough for the person playing it to hear it

* Between midnight and 7am you can’t make noise in your home that can be heard in another home, apartment, etc.

* It is unlawful to let an animal or bird be so loud that it can be heard at least once a minute for 10 straight minutes from a neighbor’s home or 50-feet from the barking dog, chirping bird, etc.

* You can’t play your car radio so loudly that it can be heard 50 feet from your car

* You can’t drive a car so beat-up that it rattles so loudly it can be heard 350 feet away from the car

* You can’t honk your horn just to honk, it needs to be used as a warning of on-coming danger

* You can’t make lots of noise taking out your trash between 10pm and 5am

* You can’t make lots of noise doing yard work between 10pm and 7am