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Normalizing Getting Straight to the Point | Ericaism

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So I I consider myself a nice person, but I and and I you know, I like meeting people. I like talking to people, but unfortunately I’m not very good with small talk, you know, like random facts about random things that don’t lead me nowhere. Like I can have a full conversation and still be empty. 

After the conversation, I just. I just don’t do well with it. I don’t store your information in my mind, so giving it to me, it’s kind of pointless. You know, when you go into detail about all the things there are people who enjoy this small talk. 

Small talk isn’t good for me and a million apologies is not good for me. If you come to ask me something and you spend 2 to 3 minutes apologizing about what you asking for, you just wasted three more minutes of my life. My whole life was wasted with an apology that I didn’t ask for.   So just ask what you’re asking for. 


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