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Joys & Concerns: Secrets in the Family Chat

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Joys & Concerns

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It’s time for Joys and Concerns with GRIFF from the Get Up Church of Our Lord, Pentecostal Non-denominational, Denominational AME CME-E and LMNOP Apostolic Church of God and Christ! Here’s what Brother GRIFF had to say about best friends!

Brother GRIFF:

There’s a lot of phrases they got out there for people like me. He can’t hold water and don’t don’t tell him nothing. That’s important and last time, he told, you know, I mean, I’m feeling attacked right now, but this is what I know. It’s not that I can’t keep a secret. It’s just that your secret be so good. I gotta tell one person.

It was supposed to be a surprise family thing and I was half reading the chats cause you know if youre in the group chat with your family like me, some chats you could miss for a week and be OK, but.

I replied to somebody and asked them about the party and they said I didn’t know I was having a party. Then I looked at the chat and realized I was in the wrong chat. I was in the chat that talked about the people in the other chat. Now I’m getting all bold letters. You told her you did it again.

Now, in my own defense. There’s too many chats on my phone. Now I know when somebody right now listening. I’m in a whole bunch of chats. And you can say all right, and somebody else listening right now to saying Griff, you still can’t hold water. You just say, hey, you alright, but if youre like me and you just don’t. Tell me like just. I would say 80% say I wanna know. OK, keep secrets.

I never was taught secrets is bad. Like, I don’t want to keep your secret. Now I will agree with you all. One thing, the chats they get out of control and it’s this cousin can’t be in this chat and this friend can’t be in that chat. You might send the wrong thing to the wrong chat group, so I do. I understand that, but you are the worst for spoiling the surprise.







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