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So it got the I had the pleasure of hanging out with my nieces and nephews yesterday, and I was talking about my schedule for today and I was saying that I had to, you know, do the radio show, and then I’m working with my vocal coach and my nephew TJ, Tina’s oldest son, he said. What are you going to a vocal Coach for and I said, because I still train and get my voice right and make sure that it’s strong and you know all the things that I’m doing. Make sure that there’s not any fatigue and he was just so shocked. And so I started talking to him about sports players and after they win a game, they still continue to train, but sometimes the enemy makes us think that training is an indication of you not being good. No training is an indication of you knowing that you have the tools and what it takes to get to greatness. Training is your thank you to God for the talent that he’s giving you. Training is your thank you. 


Thank you for the Scriptures that teach me how to walk as a believer in my power and authority and training is my studying and seeking and searching and and checking the word the enemy would make you think. Ohh you don’t know it because you know you’re not as Jesus. See, as Griff says, you’re not as saved as somebody else. That’s why the scriptures don’t pop up in your mind. Ohh, the Bible says study or train to show yourself approved unto God. So when the enemy comes, listen, you’ve been studying in the word you’ve been reciting, the word you’ve been hiding it in your heart that you might not sin against me. Yes, I’m a singer. And yes, I’ve been doing all the things. But yes, I will absolutely get with my vocal coach to make sure that I’m training and preparing for what is next. Because sometimes what is to come in your life is going to be heavy. What you’re going through is going to be heavy and you’re gonna need the word of God down on the inside to fortify you, to give you wisdom, strategy, and insight against the plot and plan of the enemy.  


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So you walk in victory. Don’t you assume or try to do this by yourself? Who said? You have to right. If Jesus said. If the word says he’ll never leave me nor forsake me, then I don’t have to pretend that I’m by myself. I’m not. I’ve got the host of heaven. I’ve got the father, son and the Holy Spirit on my side. So it is my job to tap in to make sure that I am getting ready rid of the noise of the world. So I’m listening and hearing the voice of the father so when he speaks, I will follow. That’s how you train in faith. You spend time and prayer. That’s training you fast and pray. That’s training you. Make sure you go to church and you’re around other believers. That’s training because here’s what you should know when you are not training for something you’re training in the other direction. So if you are not studying the word when you need it, it won’t be there. 


What’s that scripture? Where is? I can’t remember what does that mean? Listen, that’s our job. To know the word of God. So let’s make sure as believers that we are training in the word of God, trusting the word of God, learning the word of God. Getting it, hiding it in your heart, knowing that it is your weapon, knowing that it gives you strength to fight against the tactics of the enemy when he comes whispering the lies that he will whisper because he’s the father of lies. You know the truth of God. You know the word of God. Why? Because you can train it. You’ve got it in your heart.  

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