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He Tired it and I Recognized It | Ericaism

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So I had to fly out of town and I left on Monday and I took a flight on JetBlue. And there’s something that happens to me in travel all of the time. I don’t post about it. I don’t talk about it. It is kind of a part of the process and it is a part of the process that I really don’t like. And if I can be honest with you, it is racism. It is going to the airport walking to the first class line and then looking at me going this is first class as if I didn’t know it is when they’re pre -oarding for the people who are million Millers and have and traveled a lot and VIP travelers and getting in the line and having many people look at me as if I don’t belong there. Oh, this is group One and I go yes I know. 


It is walking on the plane and them not asking me if I need anything like they ask everyone else. It is me pressing the button calling for the flight attendant and them not coming. Now that is not where I’m trying to rest, but I’m trying to paint a picture here so I was on my way somewhere because I knew I had to work and I really wanted the presence of God to be with me. So I needed to remain in a right spirit in a right frame mind.  


And so while I was on the plane, I usually get Wi-Fi while I’m on the plane, I sent a text to my intercessors and my to my husband and to my family and I said y’all pray for me because I’m trying to decide is if today is the day that I’ll make a post about it. If today is the day that I’ll talk about it because the lady cat like it was just so consistent. I was like, am I tripping? Is it me? She would come and ask the the Caucasian lady next to me. Do you need some water and not ask me or she would ask her? What do you want for the meal and not ask me? Or I ask her for some help and she acted as if she didn’t hear me and walked away. So like it happened like three or four times. And so most times if it’s one or two, I’ll go. Oh, it’s fine. But it’s if it’s over and over. I feel like I should say something, but I got a text in the air from my inner intercessor. Said tomorrow is very important. Don’t give this your energy. Stay in a mode of prayer. 

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So I didn’t say anything about it and what I recognize is the enemy was trying to throw me off by something that legitimately deserved my attention, but it didn’t deserve my attention just then. Later when I got here, got I I was able to stay focused. I recognized it was the enemy and I didn’t fall for it. And I didn’t lose my joy and I didn’t go off. And I didn’t say anything and I didn’t make a post. I just said a prayer for her. I said, God bless her heart, whatever that is, that caused her to be evil to me for absolutely no reason at all. Lord, save her. Deliver her from that. Help her to see people as human beings and I kept on pushing with my life, but I realized the weight of what I have to do this week is important. And so the enemy was starting early to throw me off so I wouldn’t spend time and prayer so I wouldn’t stay, stay, spend time getting connected to the father, right? 


Plus, who knows? The post could have gone viral, and then it’s all I would have been talking about all week long. And then my mission of love is now hijacked about talking about racism on airplanes, and I just didn’t want to. So I realized that the enemy comes at moments to steal your joy and to derail you. And sometimes it’s something legitimately that could need your attention or deserve your attention, but if it’s going to take you off course, don’t you dare give it your attention. It’s happened many times. It’s happened before Sunday services where something crazy happens and I know the weight of what my husband has to do is heavy. So will I bring trouble and issue and what somebody did in this department and what somebody did in that department? No, because he has to minister. I don’t do it to the praise team and I don’t do it to myself. I don’t do it to other artists. I don’t go to anybody’s door and knock on their door and tell them something terrible right before they have to go on stage. It is the plot of the enemy. 

Don’t fall for the enemy’s tactics. It’s not time to pay attention to that. You’ve got something more important to do. You got something more valueable to do. That’s small and insignificant. The enemy is only using it as a trick to distract you, so don’t give it your energy. Don’t destroy a beautiful moment. It’s like going to a wedding and then the bride is upset because the cake aint right. Did they come for cake or they come for a wedding? Stay focused on what’s important. Stay focused on what means something for your life.  


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