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You Don’t Have Baby Faith | Faith Walking

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I remember I was on an airplane and I had just been told by my older sister’s boyfriend. You don’t really know God like that. You only know you only know what your pastor told you and you know you only know what your Aunt Teresa told you. And you only know what your mom and dad said. I was about 17 years old when he told me that. And I was like, I do know for myself, yes I do. And I started trying to recall the scriptures that I knew and I didn’t know every location, but I knew something. And I think the enemy used him to try to discourage me about where I was in my faith as a young girl. And that’s something that the enemy does on a regular basis. You don’t know enough. You don’t recognize God’s voice and it leaves you in a place of insecurity and sometimes allows fear to sit in your lap. 


Well, I sat on that plane a few months later and I just began to write down what I knew and maybe it wasn’t the deepest scriptures, but I knew that I could do all things through Christ. I knew greater as he that’s in me than he that is in the world I knew for God to love the world. They gave that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life, I knew enough of the enough of the word to hold on to. So listen I talked to a lot of people who have that same story. Well, I don’t know all that, you know, and I haven’t been in church my whole life. There is no elementary version of the Holy Ghost. There is no baby version of the Holy Ghost. If you got it, you got it. If you’re saved, you’re saved. Now I know the old school Saints would say, well, you know, they don’t really know. And maybe you don’t. But Jesus don’t give you a little bit of himself. You can learn more and you can understand more, and you can grow in faith. But once you saved, you saved. 


You ain’t worldly saved. You ain’t have saved. You ain’t second rate saved. If you gave your heart to Jesus. If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, the word says thou shalt be saved. It is, say, might be it is, say, the new version. It is, say, the little version. You got the power of God resting on the inside of you. 


So I don’t care what your life was yesterday if you gave your life to Jesus, you have the power of God resting on the inside of you, don’t you let nobody make you feel insecure because you just got safe. So what? You still gonna be in the same heaven they gonna be in. Ain’t no elementary school. It’s not no vestibule in heaven. Where you gonna be on this side, but they don’t gonna be. They gonna be close to Jesus. Ain’t no ain’t no Holy Ghost. Green room ain’t no VIP section in heaven. We all going to be with Jesus. We’re all going to see the angels. We’re all going to walk on streets of gold. We’re all going to see the gates. We’re all going to see the animals that there will be no anger, no evil, no pain, no hurt. No salt. There will be none of that, so don’t let anybody while you down here on this earth make you feel bad, because maybe you’re new in the faith. 


You walk with Jesus just like everybody else and feel good about it, and you testify of the goodness of Jesus according to what you know and just keep growing in faith. Keep growing in the word. The Holy Spirit will guide you. Get in a good church, get in a good Bible study, grow in faith, but don’t feel insecure or less than because you just got saved.  




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