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You Can Trust Jesus | Faith Walking

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Let me tell you something about the faithfulness of our God…

We all know the story of Jesus being on the sea in the storm, with the disciples, and saying, “peace be still.” We know of their fear when the boat was rocking. We know that they asked Jesus why he was asleep in the middle of the storm, but he stood and said, “peace be still.” I’ve heard many messages about this. I’ve heard people say that he changed the name of the storm… He didn’t say “Storm stop.” He called the storm by what he wanted it to be, not by what it was. I’ve heard it so many different ways, but let me tell you what was life-changing for me…

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When I went to Israel and on the Sea of Galilee there is a stillness that is still there to this day. It got my heart so excited because once God says a thing, a thing is established. They said there has never been another storm on the Sea of Galilee since Jesus walked on the water and said peace be still.  

That is so encouraging to me that what God promised, what he says, what he declares, what his word says is true, and shall remain true. Now everything works through your faith, right? So if you don’t believe it, you could very well say oh, no, that’s because [this] or that’s because [that], but I choose to declare the truth of God. I choose to believe that when he says I’m healed, I’m healed. I choose to believe that when he says he’ll provide, he will provide. I don’t care what the bank account says. I don’t care what the industry does. I don’t care how things shift. I trust God to do what he said he would do. That’s why we’ve got to hide the word in our heart that we might not sin against God. 

When you know that he is your peace and your comforter and your God and your Lord, and you trust him, then even in situations that are uncomfortable—and listen, we will be in those situations, because that’s just real life—It doesn’t mean God is walked away, or God has forgotten. Difficulties come with real life. All right, once sin entered the world, it was a game changer and we got to deal with it. But Jesus died on the cross to circumvent and overcome and give us victory over a whole lot of this stuff. But we don’t walk in it and sometimes we just flat out don’t believe it. 


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 I love the scripture that says, “all things are possible to them that believe.” So I tell myself, “Erica, everything is possible for you cause you’ve got big faith.” I believe when I was on the Sea of Galilee in that boat, my family and I, we worshipped, we shouted, we praised God, we gave him glory. We were looking around in amazement at the peace on this sea that is still there from when Jesus said, “PEACE BE STILL.” 

I’m telling y’all…you can trust Jesus. 

I don’t care who you are. Somebody right now, you’re in a position of doubting and wavering. You can trust Jesus. Surrender that thing to him.  

You can trust Jesus! 


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