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Frankie Beverly, Urban One Honors Living Legend

In a world of many legends and icons, there is only one Frankie Beverly.

With sounds that have a proven ability to soothe and transcend generations, Mr. Beverly is a significant part of Black America’s soundtrack.

The front man of the incomparable Frankie Beverly and Maze is the “Ambassador Of Soul” whose music can change the atmosphere of any celebration.

I mean… can you name one Black family function where you don’t hear their legendary records blasting!?

After nearly 50 years of success and countless hits, seeing Frankie Beverly be recognized as our 2024 Urban One Honors Living Legend is simply long overdue.

His stamp on the culture is indisputable. When listening to Frankie’s voice, anytime is the “Golden Time of Day”… you can find beauty in the “Joy and Pain”…  you’re reminded that “We are One”… and you can embrace some “Happy Feelings”… because all those lyrics will make you feel just as special as a “Southern Girl.”


Frankie Beverly and Maze’s catalog of music is the stuff of greatness and lyrically on par with The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Kurt Carr, and other heavy-hitters.

For decades, they have taken fans on a feel-good journey of soul that has been the center of Black Culture. And it’s been intentional.

Frankie’s team reminds us that his music continues to have the same impact on a new generation today on social media, who dance to the same songs that bring their parents and grandparents a special kind of joy.

From Philly to the West Coast, and tours that have taken him around the world… Frankie Beverly’s place as a legend in the industry could never be up for debate. The magnitude of his contribution to Black culture overall will always be celebrated.

TV One is honored to give him his well-deserved flowers at the 6th annual Urban One Honors… Cheers to our 2024 Living Legend!

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