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In case you missed it, Oprah sat down with Barbara Walters for an in-depth interview that aired on ABC on Thursday night.

After 25 years, Oprah who will be 57 in January, will be ending her appointment with 6.5 million viewers a day. Her program, shown in a 145 countries, is the most widely-viewed and influential talk show ever. Forbes magazine ranks Oprah The Richest and Most Powerful Celebrity in the World, estimating her wealth at 2.7 billion dollars. – Barbara Walters

You can’t call in sick. You can’t ever give less than 100%, and if you are sick, which I have been a couple of times, that’s when you gotta pull up to 110/120 because people have come from all over the country and this is their moment. That is why they are there…to see you. So I feel a sense of responsibility, a sense of obligation, a sense of respect, reverence, honor for those people. But It’s exhausting. – Oprah

Watch part 2-5 below

“I keep telling God, use me until you use me up”

Oprah’s new channel OWN will debut in January with a combination of few reality shows, in depth documentaries, a series that follows Oprah behind the scenes and Oprah’s search for the next TV star.

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