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Maybe it’s me but, I thought the census form was supposed to be confidential – at least that’s what they told us.  Whatever the case, if that is so, how in the heck did President Obama’s response to his racial identity become public knowledge.  According to the LA Times, he checked “Black” on his form and because of that the “multi-cultural community” has their panties in a knot.  They’re upset because he didn’t check both “Black” and “White” or write in his response where applicable.  I guess in the space he was supposed to write, “My father was Kenyan and my mother was Irish decent.  I was raised by my maternal grandparents in Hawaii and I have a sister who is…” What in the world?!  Don’t we already know his racial make-up by now?  Isn’t it documented in his memoir and every single news article that could have run the story?  Is there some hidden money set aside for multi-cultural individuals?  If that’s the case, I need to go back and get mine because my great-grandfather was Indian or White.  We all got something in us.  And here’s the clincher, it was stated that his response…his private response could cause a rift between the multi-cultural community and the President.  What?!  Are you freakin’ serious?  Just because he identified with being Black, a shoe gets thrown at him.  First of all, have you seen our President walk lately?  He is clearly a brother.  That stroll is straight out of the movie, “Superfly,” starring Ron O’Neal.  Please!

But the more important question is, how did HIS information on HIS census form become our business and why?  See…as a society, we have this idea that if we aren’t told something then you must be trying to hide it from us – whatever IT is.  My concern is that someone in the White House is on assignment to spy and report.  Is this the same person who let the lovely couple Michaele and Tareq Salahi into the dinner hosted by the President, risking his safety?  Hmmm!  Makes you wonder a little doesn’t it?  There’s something a little fishy.

Bottom line, it isn’t any of our business what President Obama checked on his families census form.  And if you really want to keep it real, with the racial tensions rising, the racial slurs and pickets signs with enlarged should be clear that he is Black.

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