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Tina Campbell, one half of the popular sister duo, Mary Mary, recently

appeared on the Monique show. Erica, who is currently nine months

pregnant wasn’t able make the trip. “We didn’t want her water breaking

on the stage, so we just went on and left her at home,” said Tina, who

seemed quite comfortable on her own.

In fact, she got pretty honest with Monique, who surprisingly, was able

to control her usually foul mouth. Not a single cuss word was uttered

during her entire chat with Tina. “We appreciate the music that makes

everybody feel good,” the Oscar-winning actress and talk show host

told the songstress.

In response, Tina explained that she doesn’t believe it’s her place to

judge anyone’s lifestyle, especially since she still struggles with her

own personal issues. “I don’t want the cameras on me at all times,

’cause it might not be too nice,” said Tina. “I have to repent regularly

[and say] God I done messed up now,” she admitted, inciting laughter

from the audience.

No, that’s real talk,” Tina said seriously, “Lord you got me out here up

front and I told you when you started with this, I’m a work in progress…”

Tina, who directed most of her conversation toward the audience, was particularly focused on being nonjudgmental,

while laying bear her own weaknesses. “It’s my responsibility to live for God as much as I know how, and that’s all I can

do. It ain’t my responsibility for me to tell you how wrong you are. It’s my responsibility to tell you how right God is,

because I’m still a work in progress.”