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With so many people focused on dieting and being fit in the new year, I thought I would share this article by Gabrielle Johnson, a weight loss advocate. I think she offers great tips that will help all of us in our journey to better health. As always, I hope this blesses you.


My initial reason for writing this article was to talk about priorities in 2011.  As I pondered what we as a culture spend money on, I was led to write about one main priority, our health.  Particularly our weight, that so easily besets us.

Let me preface this by stating, I am not a Doctor.  So I am writing this article as Oprah says, “One Thing I know for Sure”.  As a woman over forty, I have learned some necessary components for our diets, that maybe a little different from days gone by.  For the most part, I have always been pretty health conscious.  I read a lot about nutrition, weight loss and even briefly worked for one of the top weight loss companies in the country.  But at around forty-five I started noticing rapid weight gain, especially in areas where I never had any weight issues.  Did I happen to say, where I never gained weight?  Ok, just checking.  One month I gained almost thirty pounds, that was scary.  I then began the doctor tour.  Doctor after doctor to no avail.  I did not have a thyroid problem, a sleep problem or any of that.

I started to take charge of my own health and went back to the basics and that is what I would like to share.

First, we have to make sure and Dr. Oz concurs, that we are getting enough fiber.  The American Dietetic Association recommends 25 grams for a 2,000 calorie diet and around 30 grams for a 2,500 calorie diet.  Fiber has been shown to lower cholesterol, prevents heart disease, controls diabetes but as it relates to weight; the more fiber you consume the fuller you feel.  When the body is full, you will probably eat less fatty and nutrient poor foods.

Secondly, protein is extremely important in our diets.  Protein contains essential amino acids and it helps the body function properly. Protein keeps you from being hungry.  We should try to incorporate protein into every meal.  Protein is not just found in meats, but also beans, nuts, whole grains, eggs and even milk.  The recommended amount is anywhere from 40 – 90 grams per day depending on age, gender or the situation.

Another thing, “I know for sure” when you’re trying to lose weight, you MUST eat every 3 – 3 ½ hours, no later.  This is major especially if you are having a problem losing weight.  Eating every three hours speeds your metabolism, regulates your blood sugar and keeps you from over eating at one meal.  Often times I hear people say they only eat once a day and they don’t understand why they can not seem to lose weight.  Well the body needs fuel.  The body goes into starvation mode and begins to store fat.

I know this one may be a cliché, but I know this for sure, BREAKFAST is definitely the most important meal of the day.  Remember, these are things I have learned for sure, the hard way.  Think about it,  the body has been at rest all night.  So when you awake in the morning, your body needs fuel to start the day.  You have basically fasted all night, so in order to begin the day, you need to break-the-fast, hence BREAKFAST.  It is a good practice to make sure protein is apart of your breakfast.  Turkey Bacon, Protein Shakes, Eggs, Smoothies, etc. Something with a good source of protein.

I usually have a protein shake as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning.  It keeps me full longer and gives me the energy I need to get started.  Following this type of lifestyle, notice I did not say diet, has helped me to finally start losing this excess weight.  So let’s join together in making  our health, especially our excess weight, our top priority in 2011.

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As always,  much success!


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