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Can Christians really separate their “who from their do?” Why Did I Get

Married Too actress, Tasha Smith, says Christians can and they do.

She believes she’s living proof of that, and is very outspoken about her

faith, no matter where she is.

“People can live anywhere if they understand who they are,” says Smith

in an interview with Hope for Women Magazine. “My environment does

not determine my faith. My experience of God determines my faith, so

no matter where I am, I am still a Christian.” But when audiences

watch her character berating her on-screen husband, drinking, and

cussing like a sailor, it can be hard to distinguish the real Tasha from

the loud mouth, belligerent woman on the movie screen.

But there is a difference, despite the seemingly dual personalities. The

real Tasha, however, makes no qualms about sharing her faith. But

this is not the case for all women.

According to Tasha, a lot of women in the business are reluctant to

speak out about their faith, because they don’t want to be judged

harshly. “Others are concerned with being placed in a glass box where

judgmental eyes will watch for any and every contradiction to their

proclaimed faith.” Sad, but true.