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If you thought you knew gospel artist Kirk Franklin through his music and interviews about his porn addiction and childhood abandonment, think again. The seven-time Grammy award winner opens up further in his new autobiography, due to hit shelves on May 18.

This time, however, he provides a blueprint to help others triumph over life’s challenges through his powerful and awe-inspiring life story in ‘Kirk Franklin: The Blueprint, A Plan for Living above Life’s Storms.’ Developing a blueprint includes embracing “non-sexies” or good works that do not involve obvious payoffs, examining your relationships with others and establishing a good support team.

“I didn’t have any blueprint when I was coming up, any kind of instruction manual on how to be a man,” he writes. “All you have to do is look at any city corner to know that my education was flawed. And so was my behavior. Many of us had either no blueprint or a bad one — maybe you had to be a daddy to a drunk daddy or mama to a mama who was raising you all alone.”

Franklin’s blueprint looked like this: His father abandoned him at an early age, and his mother flat out told him she did not want him. She eventually left him in the hands of an impoverished and un-nurturing aunt.