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According to a new report, the obesity epidemic which has gripped the nation for the past 20 years appears to be leveling off for adult whites but Blacks, young adults and children are still getting fatter.

The report – “Forecasting Distribution of Body Mass Index in the United States: Is there More Room for Growth” – was compiled by Dr. Anirban Basu of the University of Chicago School of Medicine.

Basu and his research team project that obesity rates for most age categories will remain stable for the next 10 years.

However, they also project that young African American adults aged 18-to-39, children aged 6-to-9 and Black children 10 and older will have rising obesity rates.

The complete report is in the current edition of the journal Medical Decision Making and can also be found online by clicking on the following:  is published online. (source: Taylor Media Services –