by Sheilah Belle

TBR — Dallas, TX — Tom Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage set sail from Galveston, Texas on Sunday, March 20, with over three thousand passengers. The first music presentation of the evening was the Gospel Service, hosted by Ambassador Bobby Jones and headlined by the great Fred Hammond. The concert room was filled with music lovers of many musical styles but Gospel Music was what they received and it was well received.

Ambassador Jones was joined by the Nashville Super Choir members, Danyelle Haley, Louis Cross, Jovan Bender and Denise Tichenor.

Derrick Lee served as the music director for Jones and Duranice Pace from the Pace Sisters was a great addition to their presentation. Fred Hammonds then took the stage to minister to the crowd. The response was fantastic!

Ambassador Jones and his assistants were then prepared to take on the duties of holding morning services each morning of the cruise. These services were definitely an enhancement to all that attended and each day the room was filled with a welcoming audience of hundreds.

Joining Jones for this two hour early morning service were main stream artists, Tony Terry, Howard Hewett, Chocklet, Donna Joyner and The Bar Kays. The spirit was high as they had real CHURCH.

Thanks to the Joyner Cruise, many young man and women will be able to continue their higher education through HBCU Schools.

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