The warning signs below are not listed in any particular order. Nor are they the result of a scientifically accurate study. It is just a good key to begin thinking about.

Church leaders should be concerned…

1. If the pastor does not have adequate time to be in the Word or if he chooses not to do so.

2. If the members are spending time arguing about how money should be spent.

3. If none or only a few of the key leaders are actively sharing their faith.

4. If there is no clear process of discipleship in place, just a plethora of programs and activities.

5. If corporate prayer is not a major emphasis in the church.

6. If church members are arguing about worship style or worship times.

7. If the leadership of the church does not have a coherent plan for what is taught in small groups and Sunday school classes.

8. If your shepherd is more interested in personal celebrations than church celebrations.

There is a common pattern for most of the warning signs. Church members are more concerned about their preferences and desires. They are inwardly focused. They ask what the church can do for them, instead of asking how God can use them sacrificially and radically through the ministries of the local church. For more, visit