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I have always heard and said to others that the doors of the church are “open.” However, there is one local church and congregation shutting the church down this Sunday. The church is Sixth Mount Zion Baptist 14 West Duval Street in Richmond. There will be no Sunday Worship Service this Sunday because the church has left the building for the community.

Sixth Mount Zion, a medium congregation is putting their faith into action by canceling regular Sunday morning Worship Service to practice fruitful acts of kindness throughout their community.

What a blessing! Volunteers will be joining together to feed the hungry with grocery store gift card giveaways, purchase and give away clothes, and do minor home improvements for local seniors.

That’s not all, volunteers will visit the sick in nursing homes; will pay for fuel at local gasoline stations and host free car washes.

Don’t Go to Church…Be the Church!” Reverend Tyrone Nelson says “we’re excited about how our congregation has supported this idea. We know that we are going to make a lasting impact on the lives of many people.”

Reverend Tyrone Nelson thank God for your tireless efforts to get God’s service to your congregation and community. Miss Community

For more information about Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church or “Don’t Go to Church…Be the Church”Sunday, contact Reverend Tyrone Nelson at 804.648.7511 or visit