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Khloe Kardashian Odom is making her marriage to Lamar Odom her first priority during Lamar’s trade to Dallas.

There’s a fear of the unknown and doubt as to whether you’ve made the right choice. And there’s a sense of closure — every move brings completion to a chapter in your life, so take time to reflect on the experiences you’ve had and be grateful for the people you’ve met. The first thing she did was set the appropriate tone. She made it clear via her twitter account that her place was with her husband.It’s nice to see her handle it like a grown up.

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There was definitely a lesson to be learned. She followed these steps:

1. Make a plan. Create a checklist for everything that needs to get done — from packing to canceling utilities.

2. Say good-bye. Don’t avoid discussing the move with your circle. Sharing your excitement and reservations will make this change easier for all of you.

3. Get the lay of the land. Before you move, buy a map and a travel book that tells you all about your new state or city. Once there, take a leisurely drive or walk to locate your neighborhood post office, dry cleaner, grocery store, and pharmacy.

4. Psych yourself up. Think of the move as an adventure. Appreciate each new discovery, from an out-of-the-way art-house movie theater to a great Thai take-out place. She has made a point of tweeting out places that were gracious and kid to her. That sets the tone for her husband and business ventures.

5. Be patient. Settling in takes time, so go easy on yourself and let your new life evolve on its own. Little by little, all will fall into place

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