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Have you ever noticed how easy it is when you are in the position of telling someone else what they should do about a situation? As easy as it is to spout off recommendations to others, when you are the one that has to take that great advice you gave someone else, it’s not always that easy.

Forgiveness is one of those struggle areas for me. I can talk all day long about how to forgive and why it’s important to forgive, and I am even forgiving myself. But what about that tough stuff, that thing that you just can’t seem to shake out of your claw, or that situation that is so blatant that it is almost unimaginable? Those are tough!

As much as I try, I struggle at times and have to be reminded that forgiveness is required. And believe it or not, it is necessary even more importantly for you. The reality is, we cannot expect that we be forgiven if we are folding our arms tight at the elbow and vowing never ever to forgive a person, even in the toughest most unthinkable situations.

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