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By Sharnell Blevins October 23, 2009 9:00 am

This is the sixth article in a series about adultery

Friday…. Friday…. Friday….Ok you know its Friday and I know its Friday…but what does that have to do with a hill of beans.  Now, that is a saying from way back.  Not today.  I am not even sure my children have heard that one.  How high is a hill of beans anyway?  Is it the same height as a regular ‘ole dirt hill?  Is there even such thing as a hill of beans?  Where can I visit one?  Do the beans slide and one never reaches the top when one is trying to climb it?

You know, if more people would ask details and everlasting questions (on and on and on and on), then people would not get so hung up in the wrong predicaments.  What type of predicaments am I talking about?  Well the sexual kind of course because its Friday night…just got paid…party huntin’…place is right…ok so for all of you lyric purist I mixed up the lyrics but you get the point…It’s Friday and people get into trouble come the weekend.  All kind of sexual entanglements happen on the weekend.  There are no going to school, work, or major commitments for most.  So, they live up their sexual fantasies on the weekends.

God is pretty straight forward about how He wants us to approach sex.  He wants us to reserve it for marriage.  Now, many people are fine with that.  But, they also have sex with others besides their spouse.  They say because they are married its ok to have sex.  Unfortunately for them, God wants us to have sex with our spouses only.  God doesn’t want us to allow sex to drive us to places that He has not ordained for us.  Sexual entanglements will mess us up big time.  And, in many cases, sexual affairs (entanglements) cause death.

God gives us many examples in the bible.  David and Bathsheba are one.  David was supposed to be out at war.  David was supposed to be fighting with his trusted men including Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah.  David was supposed to be doing what God called him to do.  But, David, a man after God own heart, tarried and remained in Israel instead of going to war with his troops.  And, David arose one evening from his bed and walked his roof top.

Now, evening is when people would wash themselves after being with others.  Rooftops were secluded places that people thought no one would see them.  So, baths were on rooftops.  And, of course, Bathsheba was bathing this very evening.  And, David thought to himself, she is one fine and beautiful and voluptuous, and sexy lady and I got to try that.

Of course, David being king got with that and now she is pregnant.  Enter in her husband who David sent for from the war.  Uriah wouldn’t sleep with his wife even after David nearly tried to force him.  Uriah was loyal to what God told him to do.  Uriah rushes back to war and David sends the man’s death sentence unknowingly to Uriah with him.   Uriah is killed because David commands it and David becomes Bathsheba’s husband.  God tells David that he sinned. David repents.  But, a death still must occur, their child is born and becomes ill and dies.  David comforts Bathsheba and they have Solomon after David re-orders himself with God.

Samson and Delilah is another one of the biblical stories of sexual entanglement ending in death.  Delilah was a harlot.  Samson was using her to satisfy his sexual fix.  He is seeing her so much that she believes he loves her.  So, she starts to ask all kinds of questions.  She decides to ask questions that others have posed to her.  When Samson eludes her questions, she tells him that he doesn’t love her.

She keeps nagging Samson about his love, his strength and their relationship.  Samson gets so tired of the tirade that he finally gives in and tells her his innermost secret.  This secret allows the Philistines to destroy Samson who was their most wanted enemy.  As they are celebrating to their god about Samson’s capture, they ask Samson to perform.  Unbeknownst to them, Samson’s hair has started to grow back.  Samson destroys them and also asks God to allow him to die along with them.  God came back to Samson once he re-orders himself with God.

Eli’s sons decided to have multiple sexual partners with as many women as possible, especially the ones who lay at the tabernacle doors.  See, Eli’s sons were supposed to be the next priest of God’s people.  But, they wanted their sexual appetites satisfied instead of God’s work done. So, God destroyed them and no ancestor of Eli is upon this earth today.

These different sexual entanglements represent the ways we get involved with others. David and Bathsheba is the one night stand.  David would have left Uriah and Bathsheba alone if she hadn’t gotten pregnant.  How many people are up that creek?  And, Samson and Delilah is that all entangled affair.  She was so sexual good to him that he kept going back.  She enticed him and destroyed his relationship with God all at the same time.  And, Eli’s sons were just addicted to sex.  They couldn’t get enough of it and did not care with whom or how.

God doesn’t want any of this for us.  He wants us to live victoriously not in defeat of our sexual appetites and fulfillments.  He wants us to stop and ask the questions and keep asking them until we hear His true answer.  Stop.  Stop, my children.  Honor Me by holding true to my command to engage in sex in marriage with your spouse.  Stop allowing the world to destroy you and set you apart from Me.  But, know this beloved that if you fall, I will pick you up and set you right…all you have to do is ask with repentance like David.

It’s interesting that David and Bathsheba’s story did not end with the death of the adulterous child.  They go on to have Solomon who was Jedidiah, beloved of the Lord.  God loved and cherished their son in righteousness.  He blessed their union and blessed all of the people of the earth through their seed.  So, never think that your shortcomings involving sexual entanglements will destroy you.  Look up, child of God, and allow God to right you.

So, its that time…time for me to begin enjoying my weekend.  Of course, I will be asking question after question to make sure that I am on God’s path and not my own.  So off I go into the weekend.  And, all I have to say to that is “THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!”

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