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Whether it’s a biological imperative or a cultural tradition, spring is a great time to deep clean your home and catch up on maintenance tasks that may have been neglected over the winter months.

Here is a list to kick start cleaning your kitchen.

  1. Wipe down the freezer. Clear out the contents, and clean it with a solution of one to two tablespoons of baking soda and one-quart hot water.
  2. Soak all oven knobs, burners, burner covers and spill catchers in hot water with dish soap. Clean the oven and stove, then rinse the soaking items and replace them.
  3. If possible, pull out the stove and refrigerator and sweep and mop behind them.
  4. Clean all small appliances like toasters, blenders and coffeemakers.
  5. Clean refrigerator coils. It will boost energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run.
  6. Sweep and mop the floor.
  7. Throw out any expired products from the cabinets and refrigerator.
  8. Pour hot water down the sink drain to clear out any drain sludge.

There are also a wide variety of cultural traditions around spring cleaning, most notably from the Near and Middle East. In Iranian tradition, spring marks the ancient festival of Nowruz, which is preceded by Spring cleaning, or Khouneh Tekouni, which literally means ‘shaking the house’. Extensive spring-cleaning is a national tradition observed by almost every household in Iran. In the Jewish tradition, the Passover holiday occurs in the spring and is marked by removing all leavened (yeast risen) breads from the house. It’s important to make sure that not even a crumb of leavened bread remains, and so Passover is always preceded by two weeks of extensive spring cleaning. In keeping with America’s great heritage as a cultural melting pot, it’s believed that these two traditions may have contributed to the roots of our national interest in spring cleaning.

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