Are Parents To Blame For The Actions Of Their Children?



Our readers said the parents are to blame for the actions of today’s youth, and like you, I agree. But it’s time we go beyond this simple statement. Households of today are not like yesteryear. There are myriad reasons we see a decline in values and “good” behavior from today’s youth. It seems we all know the issues. Now, let’s get out of the problem, and into some solutions.

As a school administrator, I work with students who’ve broken discipline infractions. They are either being suspended, or sent to detention and in school suspension. My school works tirelessly to lower out of school suspension rates by incorporating and infusing restorative justice practices into our school culture. We want the best for our students, just as surely as all educators and parents do.

The problem is: these same students don’t always want, or know, what’s best for them, and how can they, with blaring images of get rich or die tryin’ schemes flooding their airways?

Young girls don’t think they’re dressing provocatively or inappropriately because…look at Beyonce. She wears skimpy clothes and shakes her tail and I want to be like her so I’m going to do it too. And what about our young brothers? The only way they see a chance at stardom is singing explicit lyrics and becoming athletes or dealers because that’s how success is depicted and shown to them.

If we want to change our society and see a change in our youth, WE have to be the ones to spearhead this transformation, and I don’t believe it takes radical spending or funding. To do this, we can simply use our five senses, which we all have available to help us.

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