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          After I passed out AFTER crossing the Finish Line, I passed out, THEN caught up with my Cousins!

(Picture left to right: Charlotte, cousin Anita, The Belle and Caroline (B Kore Crew Running Buddies)

Richmond, VA – The 2013 Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K had more than 30,000 Runners and Walkers this year and The Belle was one of them, along with a number of close friends and family members.  It was the perfect day with tons of sunshine, however this year came with a few challenges for The Belle.  “While my schedule has been crazy, the passing of my cousin Francee Claiborne has been pretty tough for me and my cousins and the rest of my family.  My focus has been no where near trying to run or do much more of anything else,” says The Belle.  “I actually didn’t register to run in the 10K until a couple of days before the event.  However after receiving encouragement from those pretty close to me, I knew I had to do it and would had regretted it, if I didn’t!”


In the end, The Belle did finish the race along with a few others pretty close to her.


Congrats to everyone who signed up, started and finished the race!

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