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Ethan’s debut project WORK IN PROGRESS releases July 9, 2013 on his own Tonic Blueprint label via Central South Distribution. This much anticipated project moves in a different vein musically, merging gospel, R&B, rock, and pop with refreshing themes and conversational lyrics that will inspire people of all ages.

His Top 30 Billboard Gospel Radio single, “My Hope Is In Glory”, is an inspirational anthem set to a steppers groove that is setting the tone of a new wave emerging in gospel and motivating listeners to live life with eternity in mind.  His edgy urban and pop influences can be heard on the title track “Work In Progress” while creatively orchestrated horns and piano work are intertwined throughout the entire project.

A lyric in one of Ethan’s songs says, “a work is used to define, someone’s stance their state of mind, a work can stand the test of time, and always be remembered”.   Work is symbolic of the art form of music, the effort it takes to live a life committed to God, and the boldness it takes reach and influence others in order to build the kingdom of God.  In Progress is symbolic of being imperfect, but a having a willingness to grow and move forward in every area of life.

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