About Erica Campbell

Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell sets a new bar for syndicated morning programming. From the range of music styles to powerful interviews; and from the lively features to the fresh approach on news and listener engagement, award-winning gospel music singer and reality TV star, Erica Campbell creates a high-energy experience for listeners to start every day in FAITH, with LOVE and having JOY. Both the comedic genius and news savvy of Erica’s co-hosts allow for a fun twist on the serious issues impacting the lives of listeners.
With nearly two decades in the music industry, Erica Campbell has repeatedly topped Billboard charts and won every music award possible as a member of the dynamic duo, Mary Mary and as a solo artist. A devoted wife and mother of three, Erica shares her life with the world on her televised reality show, Mary Mary. No stranger to the public eye, the social media maven has over 2 million followers she personally engages daily with inspiration and pure fun.

Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell is the next natural progression of her career to extend her audience and share the life, music, and inspiration that makes her – ERICA.

In today’s Ericaism, Erica Campbell discusses gospel songs that speak to her soul, one being “Secret Place” by The Winans.

Church gets real unconfortable when you’re hungry and the service is going long.

GRIFF’s got a word for people who feel a little salty when they give Christmas gifts but don’t receive them.

The enemy tries to tell you temptation is okay, but you already know the devil is a lie.

“Thank God now because when it comes, it’s going to be so overwhelming,” he said.

GRIFF’s neighbors came over and offered him some Thanksgiving food and while he appreciated the thought, the idea of Thanksgiving leftovers didn’t go over too well with his stomach.

Did you know heart disease claims the lives of more black women than all forms of cancer combined?

How you get through it is what counts...

CeCe Winans not only inspires people through her music, but also through her philanthropy.