The Civil Rights Movement was a historic time with a long list of remarkable individuals who fought, walked, talked and united for equality for all mankind.  In addition to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being a standout figure of this movement, there were many before him, with him and people who continue fighting. 

Many offices are closed on Monday to mark the national celebration of the birth of  Dr. Martin Luther King.  Dr. King challenged us to be the best we could, for who we could, when we could.

When we speak of Dr. King we often  forget that one of his  greatest loves and callings in life was that of his family.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s life is rich and full of great history.  We’re fortunate enough to have documents, video, audio and other information available to study, watch and review.  Here’s a few tidbits you can add to your MLK files if you didn’t know about the birthday guy. 1.  Did you know he was originally […]

The Newseum,  the only museum dedicated to news in the world, in Washington, D.C will host it’s first Martin Luther King Day  Event  on Sunday January 16, 2010.

Today Dr. King would have turned 82!  We salute and celebrate Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!

Nichelle Nichols made television history as the first African-American woman to play a role in a series in “Star Trek” as Lt. Uhura. She reprised her role in “Star Trek: The Animated Series” and the first six Star Trek movies. It was a moment that couldn’t have been scripted any better. Actress Nichelle Nichols, who […]

Recently, I attended the Genius Of Autism event in New York City and became totally in awe of the artist Stephen Wiltshire, who happens to be Autistic. Stephen Wiltshire has an incredible gift. The London based artist is able to draw stunningly detailed landscapes all from memory. Sydney, London, Los Angeles, he has drawn them […]

Flu season’s arrived with lots of coughing and fever in the South and New York City, and it’s sure to spread to the rest of the country.

The synagogue where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is a member held a healing service in her honor Sunday — one day after the Arizona congresswoman was shot in the head outside of Tucson supermarket.

BET recently taped its 2 hour special ” Celebration of Gospel- Keeping The Faith”  annual event and it promises to be a great show.

Ted Williams has become a household name over the last few days, but it’s his wife Patricia Kirtley who should be getting all the accolades. According to the NY Daily News, Patricia Kirtley raised four daughters alone after Williams split 23 years ago and spiraled into a world of drugs.Kirtley took a baby boy the […]