This week on Get Up & Move, Erica Campbell’s trainer Dawn Strozier gives us a full body workout by demonstrating a mountain climber/ burpee combo.

In meditation and / or prayer, you have to remember there are great things to be thankful for and they outweigh whatever you think is hurting you.  Laughter Laughing is what naturally relieves stress. Freedom of Speech You can say what you feel because you have the right to do that. RELATED ARTICLE: 7 Bible […]

While modern day dating can seem overwhelming with all the apps and ghosting and gas lighting, there are still some people out there looking for a stable, balanced, lasting, love.

The word “healthy” is probably the last descriptor that comes to mind when you think of food delivery. However, now that our society is generally looking for healthier food options, food delivery has taken on a whole new meaning. Delivery services that specialize in healthy eating is very much a thing and depending on where […]

Do you still need a gift idea for Mother's Day? This list is for you!

The idea of getting your mammogram may bring a few choice words to mind, and you would probably agree that “party” isn’t one of them. VPFW patient Tonya Blanton, however, would argue that it should be, and she is on a mission to encourage more women to get their annual screenings by encouraging them to […]

by Dr. Stephen Pound “How do you feel about your weight?” It sounds like such a simple question, but in my experience discussing this topic with my patients, I’ve learned that the responses are varied and far from simple. For some women, they’re seeing a number on the scale that’s higher than they ever thought […]

Get ahead of a financial crisis and ensure your successful financial future by routinely putting money aside.

#BlackModelsMatter and it was fantastic to see some of our favorite Black models slaying at the La Perla Fashion Show.

Dia and Co. is standing firm that plus-size should have a place and not a guest starring role in fashion.

Snagging awards with a double dose of fashion, but was the star insensitive to wear Marc Jacobs to this particular event?