<strong>Kareem Abdul-Jabbar</strong>, one of the greatest college and professional basketball players of all time, says he has been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer.

<strong>John Allen Muhammad</strong>, the mastermind of the 2002 sniper attacks that terrorized the suburbs of the nation’s capital, is scheduled to die by lethal injection Tuesday evening at a state prison near Jarratt, Virginia. <!--more-->

You need a license to drive, hunt, fly, fish; what about a license to pray? <!--more-->

The judges on Sunday’s Best are really busy and now there’s another. <!--more-->

This is an open letter to all the men — especially the saved men — in America that are emotionally constipated. <!--more-->

There are entirely too many dumb Christians on the loose today. Entirely too many. Yes, on the loose. Running around, causing problems. <!--more-->

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Check out these tips help get you ready for the <strong>Post Holiday Power Workout</strong> <!--more-->

Samson and Delilah is one of the biblical stories of <strong>sexual entanglement</strong> ending in death...see how it relates to your life <!--more-->

The Rev. Lawrence Adams teaches his flock at the Westside Bible Church to turn the other cheek. Just in case, though, the 54-year-old retired police lieutenant also wears a <strong>handgun</strong> under his robe <!--more-->

See who is performing and hosting at the <strong>Stellar Awards</strong> <!--more-->

Is the term <strong>"we met online,”</strong> more widely acceptable now? <!--more-->