We were all incredibly moved by the viral video of Ariyonna crying after calling herself ugly. It was heartbreaking to watch. Ariyonna, who was getting her hair done in the clip, looks at the camera and utters, “I’m still ugly.” The woman, tending to her locks interjects and swings into action. “Don’t say that! Don’t […]

This world has so much to offer. So many great place to visit. The best parts about traveling is interacting with the people living in that country. Getting a feel on what they do on their day to day. What is their work schedules? What is their favorite food? Where is the best place to […]

Aaliyah was known for her angelic vocals, incredibly trendy songs and her undeniable fashion and style. It’s no wonder her influence continues to transcends generations. Yara Shahidi recently channeled the late pop icon for the Spring finale of Grownish and she did that! Yara is one of our favorite young fashionistas. She stunned in Gucci […]

If you were captivated by Netflix’s Love Is Blind series, you know exactly who Lauren Speed is. And it’s no wonder why she was the first lady to be proposed to on the popular dating show. It’s hard not to be charmed by her infectious personality and gorgeous smile. Lauren walked away from Love Is […]

Pearl Thusi is about to become a household name. The gorgeous actress, who captured our attention in her role in Quantico, is now Netflix’s leading lady in their new action-packed series Queen Sono. “Thusi stars in the title role as an unconventional spy working for an undercover South African agency devoted to protecting the people […]

Ever since Nyong'o hit the 2014 Golden Globes in that red-caped Calvin Klein gown, she has wowed her fans and proved that she is a fashion force to be reckoned with!

Advocacy is the back bone of criminal justice reform and corporate America is backing the charge. 

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Today (Feb. 24), hasn’t been an easy day. For many us, there has been too much death in the past month. This morning, we lost Hidden Figures hero Katherine Johnson, over the weekend iconic chef and former model B. Smith and last week Good Times star Ja’net Dubois. That, and last month Kobe Byrant and […]