VIA:  TheGrio.Com A revolution can occur in many ways. Some choose to protest with marches and picket signs. Bill T. Jones chose dance. The acclaimed dancer and choreographer has informed audiences on race, politics and sexuality in modern dance productions around the world for over thirty years. Born in Florida, Jones has said that growing […]

Via: // This year’s ceremony for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards was touted as the most exciting ceremony in years, drawing in more than 25 millions viewers. However, unless those viewers visited, they probably didn’t find out about the latest pack of winners in the Gospel music field (most awards are presented in […]

Via: // From Chicago, IL — A landmark study released today by Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, reports that there has been an increase of more than one million additional African Americans in need of emergency food assistance each year since 2006. With more than one in three African American […]

VIA:  EncyclopediaOfChicago.Org Oscar DePriest was born in Florence, Alabama, to ex-slaves. He arrived in Chicago in 1889. DePriest worked as a painter and decorator, reportedly on occasion passing for white to get a job. He developed his own contracting business and began participating in community affairs. He began his political career as a precinct secretary, […]

VIA: Third-grader Amirikis Smith thought being mentioned in Obama’s speech was ‘amazing.’ “It lives on,” the president said, “in the 8-year-old boy in Louisiana, who just sent me his allowance and asked if I would give it the people of Haiti.”

The president did not identify the young man by name, but on Thursday the […]

VIA:  Answers.Com Identical twin brothers Albert and Allen Hughes became celebrities when they completed their first feature-length movie, Menace II Society. Their age when the film was released in May of 1993–they had just turned 21–put them in the company of celebrated young black directors like John Singleton, who was 23 in 1991 when Boyz […]

Via: By Will Jones – Photo by: JOE MAHONEY/TIMES-DISPATCH Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones said yesterday that the city would respond to future snowstorms by mobilizing sooner and dispatching more equipment and workers. After criticism of the cleanup from last weekend’s storm, and with the possibility of more winter weather this weekend, Jones said […]


With statistics showing that nearly seven to eight African-Americans between the ages of 18-30 years old, who regularly attended church while in high school, have now stopped attending church altogether, a new book discusses whether or not many of the long standing traditions of ‘the black church’ have contributed to the growing apathy towards faith […]


Radio personality, TV host, philanthropist, devoted husband, new father…these are just some of the many titles that can be used to describe Cory “Coco Brother” Condrey. This year, he’ll add yet another label behind his name, record producer. On March 30th, Condrey will release his debut CD STAND 2010 on Tyscot Records. Featured on several […]

Via: Kelly Price is a mother, wife and an artist.  But most of all she’s a woman who’s faith in God has carried her through some of life’s most trying times. Where are you from? KP – Queens, New York. Do you miss the city? KP – Not terribly.  I miss the energy of […]

Via: // When you think of Black History Month your mind often turns to tradition. We as a people have often been defined by our core traditions, be they spiritual, social or mental.  One of our traditions is easily sleeping away. It appears that once an African American family acquires “middleclassdom” church involvement dwindles. […]