The oil spill in the Gulf is hurting a lot of people.  Lives will be changed forever.  Many of us who are used to the seafood from the region will be paying higher prices.  Those who make their living on those waters will need help.  Check out this update.

FROM BLACKDOCTOR.ORG: Our readers said the parents are to blame for the actions of today’s youth, and like you, I agree. But it’s time we go beyond this simple statement. Households of today are not like yesteryear. There are myriad reasons we see a decline in values and “good” behavior from today’s youth. It seems […]

Via: Are you a morning coffee person? Do you need that shot of caffeine in the morning so you don’t feel like the sky is falling on your head? Well, that coffee or tea that helps you get going could actually be doing nothing at all for you. A British study has found that […]

For years we’ve been taught to stay away from the red meats when trying to lose weight, but it may help you lose those extra pounds faster. Believe it or not, a new study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, stated women who  included beef in their diets lost more weight than the […]

The I-95 Ramp to route 288 was closed this morning when a truck carrying watermelon overturned. It was quite a fruity mess.  Click here for the story.

Being curvaceous can sometimes be a gift and a curse.  Ask Queens, NY resident, Debrahlee Lorenzana.  She is involved in a much-talked about lawsuit with her former employers, Citigroup.

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE “…he who has been forgiven little loves little” (Luke 7:47, NIV) Forgiveness is such a powerful gift from heaven above. It’s like a door on our heart. When we choose to forgive, it opens our heart so that we can receive everything God has in store for us. But when we hold onto […]

The Crystal Cathedral is a Protestant Christian church in Garden Grove, CA

The Crystal Cathedral is a Protestant Christian church in Garden Grove, CA

The Crystal Cathedral is a Protestant Christian church in Garden Grove, CA

A doctor from the Cleveland Clinic claims he has developed a vaccine to prevent and possibly cure breast cancer.

I feel an immense sense of freedom. Want to know my secret? I just let go…. That’s it, I let go! I stopped fighting against the current and let the stream of life just flow. I became aware and open to the synchronicities that the universe has in store.