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Via: // CAIRO – Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has called for the world to boycott American goods and the U.S. dollar, blaming the United States and other industrialized countries for global warming, according to a new audiotape released Friday. In the tape, broadcast in part on Al-Jazeera television, bin Laden warned of the […]

Via: // Je ne sais quoi. It’s hard to capture in words what it is about singer/songwriter Lisa McClendon’s voice that appeals to the ear. She doesn’t distract the listener with melodramatic squalls, scale-skipping riffs, or over-processed vocals. Her voice connects with you and is familiar. She sounds like someone you know personally, and […]

Via: // Can you rel8 to this? I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.  Bottom line…it works!  It is literally the key to maintaining a life spiritually fit.  Greater than any other area of fitness, prayer lends the most long term results, bar none.  It is a time when individuals who […]

Via: // Today is January 28, 2010 and we are 28 days into a New Year and many have resolved to look like a whole new person at least in 6 months or so.  So, the question is, are you still on track or have you fallen off the weight loss/fitness wagon all together?  […]

Twitter has taken the world by storm, and all of the hottest celebrities are using it. Check out our list of the hottest African Americans to follow on twitter.

Morgan Freeman has some very strong opinions on Black History month, and made them very clear in his interview with 60 Minutes. Check out the video below:

As we celebrate Black History Month, we will pay tribute to some outstanding african americans of our time. In this installment we take a look at some of the wealthiest african americans:

VIA: BIOGRAPHY.COM Inventor and manufacturer, born in Canada. His African-American parents had fled from Kentucky to escape slavery. He showed an early talent for mechanical innovations, and in Ypsilanti, MI he devloped lubricators for steam engines (1870). In 1882 he moved to Detroit, where he perfected his lubricating cup, still widely used to provide a […]

Anyone born in the 60’s and 70’s knows something about the Black Panther Party. On February 17th, 1968, their leader Huey P. Newton was on trial for the shooting of some police officers. Back then the police in California and the United States Government were doing anything in their power to bring the party down. […]

VIA: FINDARTICLES.COM We are celebrating the top 30 African Americans who have helped shape and mold society into what we know today for African Americans.

Via: // We all tuned in to hear President Obama speak about the state of the union, but couldn’t help but notice Michelle Obama’s pulled-together purple dress by Isaac Mizrahi. Take a look at the pics and tell us what you think: